About Thao

Thao Pho is currently pursuing a J.D. at Western New England University School of Law. She graduated from Smith College with a B.A. in American Studies and a specialization in Race Relations and Immigration. Thao herself has experienced the challenges of resettlement, language and culture acquisition first-hand, having entered the U.S. at a young age as a refugee from Vietnam after living in Hong Kong. She brings her unique perspective to her work helping others navigate through the complex immigration system. She has helped hundreds of immigrants obtain permanent residence and become citizens of the U.S. Thao has over 20 years of experience in complex business immigration cases such as PERM labor certification, L-1s for Executives, Multinational Managers, individuals with specialized knowledge and blanket Ls. She also specializes in J-1 Conrad and HHS Clinical waivers for physicians and Physician National Interest Waivers.