There are many interesting employment and residence options available to those who have or have held A, G, and N visas. The Diplomatic Visas Handbook: Immigration Options for Diplomats, International Personnel, and Their Families is an informative resource to help you evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of these types of visas as opposed to traditional employment and family-based visas.

Available exclusively online as a .pdf download, topics in The Diplomatic Visas Handbook include:

  • Visas for Diplomats, Government Officials, and International Organizations
  • What You Should Know When Your Clients Hold Diplomatic, NATO, or International Organization Status
  • Special Permanent Residence Provisions for International Organization Employees and Diplomats
  • Visa Status for Students Who Are Children of Diplomats or International Organization Employees
  • “Blue List” Children: Are They at Home Here?
  • Notes on N Visas
  • Nonimmigrant Domestic Workers: It’s Hard to Get Good Help
  • Taxing Diplomats