Nolo prides itself on being “the only publisher in American with a staff of lawyers dedicated to creating books and software” to help reader prepare immigration applications without hiring a pricey attorney. (See I. Bray, U.S. Immigration Made Easy (12th Ed. 2006)). To Nolo’s credit, however, it is quick to point out when an attorney’s expertise is needed. Nolo recently published three immigration books written by AILA member Ilona Bray: U.S. Immigration Made Easy, 12th Ed. (Nolo, $39.99 paperback),  How to Get a Green Card, 7th Ed. (Nolo, $29.99, paperback), and Becoming a U.S. Citizen, 3rd Ed. (Nolo; $24.99, paperback). These books offer the clearest, most accurate explanation of immigration law for nonlawyers thus far. And while no book can take the place of a lawyer’s knowledge and judgement, these volumes are better than most other nonattorney sources of immigration advices available today.

Source: Immigration Law Today