Editor-in-Chief: Megan Kludt

Contributing Authors: Milada Cook, Brigid Fitzgerald, Emily Hindle,   Julia Teele, Massiell Tercero-Parker, Christian Van Houten, Jonah Vorspan-Stein

AILA’s Toolbox for Immigration Paralegals is a reference tool for the desk of every immigration paralegal. This edition of the Toolbox provides the background necessary for paralegals to understand the cases they are working on, with the focus on the procedures paralegals must master to be highly effective in their work.

The materials in the Toolbox begin by discussing the paralegal’s role in the immigration law firm, and then give paralegals an overview of the basic terms and concepts of immigration law as they relate to all the major types of cases the paralegal is likely to encounter in practice. For each case type, the Toolbox provides a step-by-step guide to the procedures involved in preparing and filing the forms and necessary documents. Detailed form-filling instructions and sample supporting documents are included, with indications of when the attorney’s input should be sought.

Among the wealth of materials in the Toolbox are articles covering:

The paralegal’s ethical duties and responsibilities;
Key definitions and concepts used in immigration law generally;
The government agencies involved in immigration law;
Form filing tips from USCIS;
Employment-related temporary visas: H-1B, L-1, O and P;
Changes and extension of status;
Employment-related permanent visas and the PERM process;
Family-based immigration;
Adjustment of status to permanent residency;
Removal of conditions on permanent residence;
Applications for visas at U.S. consular posts overseas;
Applications for work permission;
Applications to return to the United States after temporary travel abroad (advance parole);
Waivers of inadmissibility for unlawful presence;
Deportation proceedings and cancellation of removal;
Citizenship applications;
and more!

Source: https://agora.aila.org/product/detail/4330?sel=description