On January 24th, 2019 Attorney Megan Kludt attended Columbia University’s Third Thursday event centering on Immigration and Entrepreneurship.

Attorney Kludt discussed the following topics with students:

  • Options and requirements for various visas, such as: J1, O-1B, and H-1B
  • Visa options and NYC/NYS immigration resources for foreign startup founders
  • How much of an impact a lawyer/representation has on a visa application
  • How to find out whether or not a startup is qualified to help employees file for work visas
  • The process of hiring and granting a visa for a non-USA citizen that just finished school in the USA
  • The STEM extension of the OPT for foreign entrepreneurs launching startups (non-employed by existing and EVerify companies)
  • Shareholding issues that may caused by the immigration status of foreign entrepreneurs in start-up companies
Attorney Kludt with students at Columbia University