At the Border, in Detention, and in our Communities: Current Issues in Immigration Rights

Presenters: Claudia Quintero, Central West Justice, Megan Kludt, Curran Berger and Kludt, and Hilary Thrasher, Central West Justice. Moderator: Maureen Carroll Dennis, 3L, WNEU Law School & Center for Social Justice

The legal rights of immigrants – whether they be asylum seekers, lawful permanent residents or detainees – remains under attack by the federal government and adversely impacted by the COVID pandemic. Three front-line immigration attorneys will be discussing critical legal issues facing immigrants right now: How the COVID pandemic if impacting immigrant rights and procedures; conditions in ICE detention facilities; the Trump administration’s curtailing the rights of asylum seekers, and; the state of \ the Delayed Action for Child Arrivals Program (DACA), the status of immigrants granted Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and the Public Charge issues facing immigrants.