In early April 2019, Attorney Kludt collaborated with members of the Immigrant Protection Project (IPP), LawLab, BorderX and local service providers in El Paso, Texas to create a system to provide universal representation to the thousands of families in four El Paso regional detention facilities.

Curran, Berger and Kludt is proud to announce that it is one of the partners in the new El Paso Immigration Coalition (EPIC). The goal of EPIC is to create a network of volunteers across the country so that every individual who passes through one of the four detention facilities in the El Paso region is entered into the EPIC system and is connected with remote and local volunteers who can effectively provide them with legal representation. Through this system, EPIC can simultaneously make contact with detainees who need representation while collecting data on abuses in the detention facilities for the purpose of litigation. Attorney Kludt is responsible for creating structure and training for remote teams, particularly those comprised of law students working on complex filings. She is also responsible for mentoring staff on data collection and volunteer coordination.