Supported by a grant from President McCartney, the School for Social Work, Center for Spiritual and Religious Life and the Organization for Undocumented Student Rights has been working together on behalf of undocumented students to identify threats, appreciate the realities of lived experiences for students on campus, understand their rights, and think of ways that the College can responsibly support and protect students.There will be a program for College faculty, administrators, staff and students on March 30 from 4-6 in Stoddard Hall which will include a lecture on immigration and undocumented status, a presentation on the rights of undocumented students and a panel discussion to consider the impact of threats against undocumented students and ways that the College can support and protect them. On March 31 from 11-4, there will be workshops for student leaders (open to all students) to develop ideas about how students and the Smith community can be supportive and take steps to protect undocumented students.

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