• Brochure or other informational materials
  • Federal tax return, annual report or audited financial statement for most recent year
  • Copy of the employee’s most recent paystub and W-2
  • Job offer letter (if applicable)
  • Copy of contract (if applicable)
  • Complete job title and detailed job description
  • O-1 petitions also require an itinerary for the employee.
  • For non-university employers: evidence of active basic or applied research program and at least three full-time research staff (brochures, patents, press releases, or CVs/lists of research staff, etc.)

Note: Tax and financial documents will NOT be shared with your employee without your permission. These documents are required to show your ability to pay the stated salary.


  • Main address of business/place of work and address where employee will work (if different). List all physical locations where the prospective employee will work.
  • Federal Tax ID #
  • Year founded
  • Gross and net annual income for employer
  • Total number of employees
  • Number of full-time researchers
  • Salary offered to employee
  • Is the position full time or part time?
  • Name and title of designated official (the person who will sign forms, etc.)
  • Phone, fax, and email for designated official