Note: USCIS may be monitoring social media websites such as Facebook in order to help determine if you remain in a bona fide relationship with your spouse.

Required Documents

  • Copy of your Conditional Green Card. We will need a clear, color copy of both sides.
  • Divorce Certificate, if this is a waiver of the Removal of Conditions and you are no longer in a relationship with your spouse.

Evidence of Relationship

Please gather relevant documents to establish evidence of your marriage only since your green card was approved. Documents may include (but are not limited to):

  • Lease or Mortgage Contract showing joint residence
  • Copies of Driver’s Licenses showing joint residence
  • Financial records showing joint ownership of assets/joint responsibility for liabilities such as:
    • Jointly filed tax returns
    • Joint checking and/or savings account records
    • Insurance policies that list spouse as beneficiary
    • Joint bills
  • Photos of you together with other people. Photos should list the names of the people in the photo, the date, and the location or event, if applicable.
  • Letters or invitations addressed to both of you (these can be letters from friends, wedding invitations, holiday cards, etc.)
  • Long form birth certificate(s) for any children you may have, listing you and your spouse as parents.

Questions to Answer

  • Since becoming a permanent resident, have you had any problems with the Immigration Service, such as difficulty entering the US, any action in immigration court, etc.? If so, please explain and attach any documentation you have about the issue.
  • Was a fee paid to anyone besides an attorney in connection with this petition?
  • Have you ever been arrested, detained, charged, indicted, fined, or imprisoned for breaking any law or ordinance (excluding traffic regulations), or committed any crime for which you were not arrested, in the United States or abroad?
  • Have you resided at any other address since you became a permanent resident? If so, please provide a list of all addresses and dates.
  • Is your spouse currently serving with or employed by the U.S. government and serving outside the United States?

Do not send us original documents. You should send us copies or scans of your items and keep the originals in a safe place. If you have sent us an item already, you do not need to send it again. Just let us know if you’ve already sent it.

You can either e-mail us scanned copies or mail us paper copies. However, we can only accept e-mails up to 25 MB in size. If you need to send us large amounts of information, please create a .zip file.

Feel free to send us your documents as they become available. There is no need to wait until you have everything. We usually can get started with just a few items. If you have any questions, or think that obtaining a necessary document will be difficult, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can discuss a plan to move forward.

If a document is not in English, then a certified translation is required. Our firm can order a translation for you at an additional cost, or you can have your document translated and certified using a translation certification statement, signed and notarized.  You may not certify translations of your own documents, nor those of any family member. For a translation certification statement, click here.