If your institution is sponsoring a member of its faculty for a PERM Special Handling petition, we will need the following documents and information regarding the company.

For Each Special Handling Case:

  • Copies of print and electronic ads run for this position
  • Job offer letter (if available)
  • Salary
  • Salary range for the position
  • Name and title of the employee’s supervisor
  • Number of people employee will supervise

If this is the first time working with our firm

  • Full legal name of Employer
  • Full address and phone number of employer
  • Full name and title of person who will sign forms (designated official)
  • Phone, fax and email for designated official
  • Federal Tax ID # (FEIN#)
  • Year incorporated
  • Does the employer have in-house media through which they typically recruit for open positions? This includes intranet, electronic notices, and/or print media through which this type of position would be advertised to internal employees.
  • Name and title of union representative (if applicable)
  • Union agreement and clear determination of employee’s salary (if applicable)
  • Current federal income tax return, annual report, financial statement, auditor’s report, corporate tax returns etc. We must prove that the employer has the ability to pay the wage offered to the beneficiary/employee.

After we receive the above information, we will be able to evaluate the advertising that was run at the time of hire. If we are able to re-use the advertising, please see the first checklist below. If we are unable to re-use the advertising, please see the second checklist.

If we are able to re-use the ad that ran for the position, please send the following:

The college’s affirmative action report and/or search committee report may contain answers to several of the questions below.

  • What are the college’s/university’s procedures for advertising/recruiting?
  • What is the approximate date when the college/university started to plan on advertising/recruiting for the position?
  • Who were the members of the search committee? Who was the chair of the search committee?
  • Why did the college/university plan to recruit/advertise? To replace someone? New position opened? College/university need?
  • What are the names AND dates of all of the papers, websites, journals, etc. where the advertising was done?
  • Did the college/university also recruit in any other way? Job fairs, letters to other schools, phone calls, etc?
  • How many applications were received?
  • Please send us a list with the names of all applicants for the position.
  • What were the steps taken to review all of the applicants?
  • How many applicants were recommended to be interviewed?
  • How many applicants were interviewed? What were their names?
  • Describe the interview process/itinerary. Class presentation? Meeting with students, faculty, administration, etc.?
  • Why was the person selected/hired over all other applicants? Please compare the selected applicant to all finalists who were interviewed.
  • When was the position officially offered to the employee?
  • Was the position offered to anyone before it was offered to the employee?
  • Has the employer had a layoff (termination without cause or prejudice) in the sponsored position or a related occupation within the past 6 months or are any expected in the next 6 months?

If we are unable to re-use the ad that ran for the position, please send the following:

  • Title of Position
  • Job Description
  • Work schedule
  • Minimum Degree required for position
  • Minimum Experience required for position
  • License required for position
  • Special skills required for position.
  • Address where employee will work (if different from main employer address)
  • Job offer letter (if available)

Do not send us original documents. You should send us copies or scans of your items and keep the originals in a safe place. If you have sent us an item already, you do not need to send it again. Just let us know if you’ve already sent it.

You can either e-mail us scanned copies or mail us paper copies. However, we can only accept e-mails up to 25 MB in size. If you need to send us large amounts of information, please create a .zip file.

Feel free to send us your documents as they become available. There is no need to wait until you have everything. We usually can get started with just a few items. If you have any questions, or think that obtaining a necessary document will be difficult, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can discuss a plan to move forward.

If a document is not in English, then a certified translation is required. Our firm can order a translation for you at an additional cost, or you can have your document translated and certified using a translation certification statement, signed and notarized.  You may not certify translations of your own documents, nor those of any family member. For a translation certification statement, click here.